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Mini-pools for gardens and terraces




Playa Model

The PLAYA model is an elegant mini pool of great Italian design. The soft hydromassage, the hot water, the nice hand-woven fibers invite you to relax in total well-being and allow you to enjoy it inside and outside the house. It is sophisticated and adaptable, perfect for a terrace, in the garden becomes a design object and in the home a real living room of water.

With its soft solarium areas and hand-woven fibers, Playa is completely customizable, from the sun lounger to the rattan panels woven in white, grey or brown.

Playa Living Model

The Playa Living model is an evolution of the Playa model, with its soft and modular pillows, a real elegant “living room” that decorates the interior of the house or the outdoor spaces. Playa living is the dream of those who love to live in contact with the water, enjoying the pleasure of its proximity at any time of the day.

Sunbathing in the morning, children’s wild bath in the afternoon, relaxation of the aperitif at sunset, place of conversation during the night.
Playa Living is easily installed also on the terrace, because it is a modular concept, you can load in the elevator. It fills up in just two hours.

Dolce Vita Model

DolceVita renews the world of elevated pools thanks to the solid Laghetto technology present in the market for more than 40 years and its elegant and innovative design. Its versatility allows easy and quick installation even in areas that allow only seasonal use.

DolceVita provides a recirculation and filtration system that allows the highest quality of hygiene and water purity.

Tecnical characteristics

  • Liner internal coating in polyester and polymer fibers of high strength and durability.
  • Stainless steel structure protected with epoxy paint.

Standard equipment

  • Exclusive Laghetto water filtration and treatment system
  • LED spotlight
  • Access ladder (Dolce Vita model only)